Aufine Tyre Co., Ltd.

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Aufine Tyre Co., Ltd.
Country:China (Mainland) China (Mainland)
Established Time:2003
Business License:Did not upload
Total Stuff:Above 1000 People
Business type:Manufacturer
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  • Tel:86-532-80772791

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Aufine Group Co.Ltd,is located at Qingdao which is the one of most beautiful cities in the world. Following the rhythm of this pacific oceania international city,Aufine,just like the new star suddenly appear on the horizon, is keep on creating miracles in the Tyre Industrial Trade.
"LET'S MAKE ALL FINE", It is the origin of Aufine name, it defines how AUFINE pursues its destiny. Ours is a language of drive, a universally understood lexicon of safety, comfort and enjoyment. we remain totally focused on creating performance opportunities for everyone who would benefit. We feel lucky to have a genuine, altruistic reason to be: contribute to the service of drive potential. That's the great benefit of drivers, and we're glad to be in the middle of it.
Based in Dongying shandong province China, There are approximately 6000 employers served, everyone of them is significant to our mission of bringing safety, comfort and enjoyment to every driver in the world. In 2007, We manufactured 1,500,000 sets of radial truck tires. We are operating on six continents as Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. Aufine brand tyres have passed the certificates of DOT,ECE,CCC,ISO9001. However, all of these not only rely on the advanced technology. Superior, world-level production and testing equipment, but also the spirits to put the best possible tires on the road and the desire to highest satisfy the driver's expectation.
If there are vehicles, there are drivers. And as long as there are drivers, there will be Aufine.

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Company Name: Aufine Tyre Co., Ltd.
Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
Registered Address:
Year Established: 2003
Registered Capital: RMB 1,680,000